Production & Quality Assurance

We liaise internationally with trusted and experienced manufacturing partners. All factories have been pre-qualified and pre-audited to offer our clients limitless resources and to ensure products are produced at qualified factories. Encore International proudly works only with quality-conscious suppliers.

Our professional staff closely follows customer projects from inception to delivery, with great attention to detail. This helps reduce overall costs by decreasing or eliminating rework charges, therefore minimizing operating expenses. Our market advantage is due partly to our streamlined procedures, which enable us to shorten execution time while delivering only high-quality products. Quality control is performed according to lot size, which is consistent with international "Military Inspection" ISO-2859-1 standard.

Our Hong Kong office contracts an independent inspection company to perform onsite inspections during the production process, confirming that products match established quality standards on every order. Quality is prioritized at Encore International, as we do everything to ensure the best standards for your products.

We recognize that by integrating sound environmental, health, production, and safety management practices into all aspects of our business, Encore can continue to offer innovative products and services while conserving resources for future generations.