Product Compliance & Testing
Textile testing

Encore International is committed to providing our customers with quality products. We have established numerous internal procedures to ensure optimum results.

The Encore staff includes a dedicated Compliance Manager who keeps abreast of labeling laws, (subject to periodic change) and product regulations, to manage our internal processes. Customer safety is paramount to Encore International. We are committed to providing our customers with safe and rewarding experiences with all our products.

It is also our policy to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all, and to ensure environmental safety during our production processes and product development. We require that all factories with which we do business agree to follow the social compliance procedures we have established.

Strict testing requirements are mandatory during our product development, including restriction of Lead/California Proposition 65 and restriction of Phthalates. As part of our effort to confirm product quality and reliability, we use independent third party testing labs to provide a safety net test on all products. Encore International also has independent labs randomly test products at our cost to establish compliance with the highest safety standards set by each state, the US Federal Government, and where applicable, European REACH statutes.

For your benefit and to meet potential future requirements, we proactively work hand in hand with factories that can provide green/recyclable capabilities, are ISO certified, and REACH compliant.