Encore International specializes in developing custom packaging and accessories to meet the specific demands of distinctive brands in a highly competitive retail market.

We produce items for a variety of industries, including: bath and body; food and confectionery; cosmetics and fragrances; wine and spirits; and promotional. With our direct manufacturing sources, we are able to offer competitive pricing and direct delivery to our clientele in a wide range of materials, including: paperboard; metal; plastics; glass; ceramic; fabrics; wicker; and wood. We are truly unique in our expertise and ability to work with all materials.

As a single source solution, we simplify the intricate process of bringing your ideas to market, making it effortless for you. Every concept is fostered by our capable staff from design inception through sourcing, supplying and delivering your final product on time. Well-established quality assurance and testing procedures are already in place here at Encore. These allow us to produce high quality items that meet and exceed all industry standards.

We uphold the uniqueness of each promotional idea with privacy and dedication to client exclusivity, ensuring that products are not duplicated and similarities are minimized. We maximize your market success with our attention to detail, and our high standards.